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On the 7th of June 2024 from 16:30 to 21:00 on the Flux Field the next edition of the Gouden Loper Festival will take place for everyone who enjoys some craft beers! Make sure not to miss it by buying your ticket here, see you there! All breweries that are already announced are shown below, so make sure to check it out!

Our Sponsor: The Jack

The place to go for a good game of guitars or a delicious special beer! Regularly live music from all over the world and many other different activities: BBQ, specialty beer afternoons, pub quizzes and even bingo! Nothing is too crazy, as long as it's fun! The Jack currently has over 100 different specialty beers, from Trapist beers to heavy stouts and IPAs. Various beers are also available on tap. A game of darts, pool, table football and even an old arcade cabinet, everything is possible! Make sure to come visit us after the Gouden Loper Festival!

NUNC means NOW! Live now, be now, enjoy now! Together with people you care about. NUNC craft beers are made for unforgettable moments together. Born from the pleasure of drinking beer together and the passion for brewing the most tasty beers, Tobias de Nooy started NUNC craft beer.

NUNC will offer weizen, white beer, gember blond, NEIPA, triple, oaked triple, and islay whisky infused stout at the festival to make sure you can try all kind of craft beers!

Elegast makes artisanal cider from apples from Dutch organic standard orchards. They make a natural cider from pure juice. Elegast harvests itself, presses itself, and achieves a unique complexity in taste through slow fermentation in the winter months.

Elegast offers different kind of ciders: The first one is Revolution, an easy and refreshing dry apple cider. The second is Regeneration, with a soft, semi-dry pear cider with aromas of ripe pear and tannins of pear peel taste. The last one is Revival, which has is a floral, dry cider of wine quality. Complex yet surprisingly thirst-quenching. Revival is the rediscovery of using apples to make an apple wine, in this case a rosé cider.

When we started a private beer tasting club at the end of 2000, no one would hve dared to dream that 15 years later we would have an amazing brewery.
During the tasting, the interest in everything that has to do with beer grew. We sometimes tasted some less tasty beers, and after a short while a ‘maybe we can do better ourselves’- feeling originated.
Then in 2006 a number of their tasters decided to follow a beer brewing course at a local beer guild and a small brewing installation was purchased. Since then, we have regularly experimented with brews. And then in 2007 our first permanent beer was produced, the Schuppenboer.

First there were two ... now there are many! Since 2012, Two Chefs Brewing has been independently brewing craft beers for everyone: from the humble bon vivant to the adventurous beer geek, our goal is to make life just that more tasty and fun! We believe that every sip of mediocre beer is one too many. Our chefs experiment endlessly with exciting flavour combinations and new techniques. The result? Great craft beer in all flavours and styles, something for everyone.
Every chef has their favourite recipes, and with us they are the originals. These beers we brew throughout the year and are true fan favourites, such as Funky Falcon, Bon Chef, White Mamba and Green Bullet. We are constantly tasting and tweaking our originals, because you know what they say: chefs will always chef!

Meet the Gooische Bierbrouwerij! We are a lively brewery in the center of Hilversum and located inside Foodhall Mout. We brew classic beer styles with our own signature, using local ingredients. Our beers won a lot of prices such as “Best Beer of the Netherlands’’ in 2023 at the Dutch Beer Challenge and on the Brussels Beer Challenge. Curious about the taste? Swing by and try out!

Van Moll

Hi, we’re Van Moll. We’re as crazy about beer as we are about brewing it. We experiment and balance, treading the fine line between bold and brazen without going over the top. We combine tradition and knowledge with a dash of confidence to concoct a fixed selection of core beers and a varied range of exceptional specials.
But… beer is about so much more than just balancing flavours. It’s about tantalising all the senses. That’s why we devote the same care and attention to what happens outside the glass as to what goes in it. Extra ingredients like art, music, food, film and fun & educational reading material round out the experience. Every time.
Van Moll: boost your beer experience.

OLDSKOOL wants to brew beer in a new format. A focus on old beer types with pure love for classic and modern hops. A perfect combination for balanced beers that should be drunk quietly. OLDSKOOL's mission is to convince beer lovers, breweries, café owners and liquor stores that it is possible to brew high-quality beer by working with the right people and ingredients. We would like to show the average consumer that there is more than a normal Duvel or an artificially sweetened Bock beer.
OLDSKOOL is a rental brewery and we will remain so. We are always looking for the best professional brewers in the Netherlands. Our motto is: “Craft beer is good, but more craft beer is better.”

Brouwerij Donjon, established in 2023 and located in Geldrop, is the new brewery for lovers of robust and rich beers. With passion and local love, we brew beers with strong character, such as unfiltered ale and unique creations with dry hopping. Our mission is to provide an unforgettable tasting experience and a full, satisfying texture. Every beer from Brouwerij Donjon reflects our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Discover the world of Brouwerij Donjon today, where tradition and innovation come together in every sip.