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We are proud to announce that the next edition of the Gouden Loper Festival will be held on the 3rd of June 2022. So write it down in your agenda! We hope to see you all and join us in drinking some delicious beers! On this website information about the breweries can be found aswell as links to the tickets.

We hope to see you on the 3rd of june!

The Gouden Loper Festival Committee 2022.


De Natte Gijt

Brewery De Natte Gijt started because we have fun with beer and we want to share that feeling! Years ago we made our first drink, it came out as a mess. It was fun, but we wanted more.
We went on a discovery journey through the beer world. Tasting, visiting breweries and reading about it. After that came the beerfestivals and even whole holidays were committed to it. By then we already started the actual brewing, but it was only for ourselves. We got good reactions from our surroundings and joined some contests. In May 2011 we became the Nederlands Kampioen Bierbrouwen 2011. This was the last push to put a beer on the market.
De Natte Gijt was not founded to get rich, but to let people get to know beer that tastes surprising. Our beer is made to enjoy with friends, beer should bring fun!

Big Belly

Big Belly is always looking to go beyond making beer that tastes exceptionally well. We want to make beers that are fun, tell a story ánd remind you that the good old days are now.

That’s why we love to use special ingredients and we take every chance we get to improve ourselves by making every beer and every batch a little bit better.

We fucking love desserts! Doesn’t everybody? Still, at the beginning of this series we could not have imagined this series being such a massive success. We’ve made 20 versions so far and have another 10 in the research & development-phase. Some of the beers are amongst the highest scoring “pastry beers” in the world and the best is yet to come! In ‘20 we brewed a Red Velvet Coconut Christmas Cake, on request of our wholesalers we will rebrew this beer every year as a special “Liquid Christmas”.


In 2014, the Lux Brewery was officially founded by Martijn van Damme in Eindhoven. During his study he was already part of a brewing committee and in the years following the idea to start an own brewery got shape. After a careful start with the Luxe Dubbel, we made the Luxe Frambozen Stout, which has won both a silver and gold medal in the innovation/fruit categorie in the Dutch Beer Challenge. Lux is now known for unique Eindhovens beer with local and fresh ingedients, that give the beer a twist.


A word from our Chief Botanical Officer:
‘While working in a gin distillery in the United Kingdom I fell in love with the use of botanicals in distilling and the fascinating world of cocktails. Having basically grown up in beer in the Netherlands I guess it was only natural that I started wondering what would happen if you would brew rather than distil with these botanicals. I grew curious about what kind of character these herbs, spices and fruits could give to beer.
To my surprise I discovered that the lowlands actually have a very intriguing history where it comes to brewing with botanicals. As Dutch explorers travelled the globe they returned home with cargos brimming with precious herbs and exotic spices, which soon made their way into Dutch beer. And so the idea for Lowlander beer was born.
Every beer is an opportunity to tell a story about the wonder of botanicals, and we hope to connect people with the natural world that creates more diverse beers full of both flavour and character.I invite you to follow our journey, proost!’
Frederik Kampman Chief Botanical Officer

Het Nest

We set up our own beer-tasting club more than 10 years ago. We tasted beer, and talked about football and women. Our interest in beer in general soon grew, and brewing in particular. This led to a brewing course, and our first home-brewed beer soon followed: a delicious triple beer. A professional jury agreed with us, and honoured us with a third place at the Dutch Open Championship for Hobby Brewers. From then on, beers were regularly brewed by trial and error. Some were good, and others were only good for the sink. But the quality was clearly getting better and better. Today we are proud to be able to present our range of beers to you.

Bax Bier

Baxbier brewery was founded in 2014by two friends. What started out of curiosity and hobby, quickly started to look like something serious. In 2016 their own brewery was opened and since then Kon Minder, Abel’s Ale and Koudvuur are internationally available and have won rewards. A young and enthusiastic team of 21 people works daily to develop innovative beers, often with a lot of hop or a fun twist. Besides all this there is a Proeflokaal, where delicious food is served, where you can sit at the water and a lot of activities are organized. Baxbier is famous for its love for playing and experimenting with beer, their motto is not for nothing: Seriously playful.


A pasteurizer, centrifuge or clear beer is not something that is available at brewery Dilewyns. All the natural and healthy elements are removed when beer is filtered. Due to the lack of filteration Vicaris a living product, with a flavorevolution, discover yourself when Vicaris is at its best. Everything that is poured into your glas is brewed with care, passion and knowledge of the craft. From resource to craft beer... pure, familiar and authentic!

Van Moll

We are Van Moll. We love beer, thats why we brew it. We experiment and balance, sometimes a bit weird, but never too far. Tradition, knowledge and stubborness with always attention for balance. But... beer is more than just balanced flavor. Its about engaging all you senses. That is why we give the same attention and commitment, we give give to our beers, to everything outside the glass. We add art, music, food, movie and books. To ensure the experience is complete. Time and time again.


Satheo offers good, tasty, originally presented and affordable food for every occasion. From company party to wedding and from festival to luxurious Christmas dinner. All dishes have one thing in common: it is always served on a stick! Meat, fish, vega, vegetables, fruit, eggs, potatoes, rice…. Alle Gekheid op een stokje! (all crazyness on a stick!)

Basta Pizza

There is no arguing about taste, but about the best pizza we can argue. One thing is certain, the best pizza’s are made fresh, with the pure and great ingredients. Made by hand and with love. And that is something you can taste!

Tik taco

Welcome to Tik taco, our golden Mercedes foodtruck has been revamped this year from the outside as the inside. It now looks as crisp as our dishes. From our beautiful kitchen we happily serve a diverse arrange of dishes of high quality.