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We are stoked to announce that the next edition of the Gouden Loper Festival will take place on the 2nd of June 2023. Add it to your agenda! We hope to see you all join us and enjoy some delicious craft beers! On this website information about the breweries can be found aswell as links to the tickets.
Go to TICKETS to get your hands on one.

We hope to see you on the 2nd of June!

The Gouden Loper Festival Committee 2023.

Vals Plat

Brouwerij Vals Plat is a brewery founded in 2021 by five friends. Jasper, Manon, Christian, Wouter and Rebecca have the mission to brew unique beers. Beers that make moments with friends even more beautiful. Extensive experimentation takes place at grandma’s brewhouse and only the best recipes are brewed on a large scale.
At the moment they have three beers for sale. The bitter and refreshing 'Startschot' Pale Ale, the classic 'Trekzak' Tripel and the creamy and spicy 'Spagaat' Dunkelweizen. During the Gouden Loper Festival they will present their latest blond beer.


Go, meet and live. RABAUW is beer destined for life adventurers. The beers from RABAUW are brewed by a colorful collection of people: Rabauwers. Each with their own story. Here everybody can participate. We make a resume from a backpack. Unpolished we brew against the current and rise above ourselves. Cheers!
RABAUW Brewpub, where everyone is equal and heard.
Our beers are now brewed on the Torenallee in Eindhoven. Sitting at our mega bar you can look straight into the brewery. Enjoy our fresh craft beers such as the famous Tripelende Landloper, the Blonde Rauwdouwer, Witte Woesteling, Stubborn Droogkloot, Hopdonderd and Schurkende Porter. It's time to share, tell and enjoy!

De Blauwe IJsbeer

Brouwerij De Blauwe IJsbeer has been brewing delicious beers since 2012. After starting from Nieuwpoort (South Holland), we have now settled in Tilburg (North Brabant). In our jubilee year we have done a number of spectacular things. We have brewed a beautiful jubilee beer “Jubileer IJsbeer”, distilled from our beer “Smeltwater” and “IJsberenburg”, and we have made an amazing barrel-aged edition from our “Klapschaats IJsbeer” using 35 years old Calvados barrels. All received festively!!
Fortunately, we can also show our skills on the Gouden Loper Festival and draft our delicious beers. Who will we see at our bar?? More atmosphere with Blauwe IJsbeer!

Het Nest

When we started a private beer tasting club at the end of 2000, no one would hve dared to dream that 15 years later we would have an amazing brewery.
During the tasting, the interest in everything that has to do with beer grew. We sometimes tasted some less tasty beers, and after a short while a ‘maybe we can do better ourselves’- feeling originated.
Then in 2006 a number of their tasters decided to follow a beer brewing course at a local beer guild and a small brewing installation was purchased. Since then, we have regularly experimented with brews. And then in 2007 our first permanent beer was produced, the Schuppenboer.

Het Veem

Het Veem was founded in 2015 and is located in 'Vershal het Veem' at Strijp S in Eindhoven. In this hall, the brewery issurrounded by other craft food and beverage outlets.
What makes Het Veem really unique is that our brewery is located in the tasting room. So there is 'live' brewing while you enjoy your beer. Of course it is possible to watch our brewer during brewing times and ask questions about the beautiful process called beer brewing.
It is certainly worthwhile to visit our tasting room, shop and brewery and enjoy all the beauty that the world of beer has to offer.

100 Watt

From Eindhoven, the City of Light! In the city center next to the Dommel all the beauty is conceived and executed by an unsurpassed brewing team that never rests for a moment to come up with the coolest things. Our tanks are never empty and are filled all the time like a never-ending playlist of incredibly tasty and diverse music. That literally swings through the roof!
Just a 10-minute walk from the station you will find our brewery and tasting room with a nice sunny terrace on the Dommel. Here you can enjoy delicious food, guided tours, tastings and of course our beers. With a varying range of 35 beers there is more than enough to choose from.

Van Moll

We at Van Moll are crazy about beer, which is why we brew it. We experiment and seek balance, daring, sometimes a little crazy, but never over the edge. A combination of tradition, knowledge and stubbornness, while always ensuring balance. A fixed core range of beers and a varying assortment of amazing specials.
But… we believe beer is about much more than a balance taste. It’s about stimulating all your senses. That's why we give the same attention and dedication that we give to our beers to everything that happens outside the glass. For example, we add extra ingredients such as art, music, food, film and fun & interesting reading material. All to complete your experience. Time after time.
Van Moll boosts your beer experience!